During the review of my peer’s website, I noticed a very detailed page with great information.  The only suggestions I had for improving the website were as follows: (1) Adding a picture of herself to the website; (2) More detailed information about my peer in the “ABOUT ME” section; and (3) Since she has pages with different topics, the suggestion was made for her to begin a page entitled, “GRADUATE SCHOOL COURSES,” and perhaps maintain a brief description of the courses and how they have impacted her as a Social Worker.


In reflecting on my adolescent development, there were many influences that led to me becoming the person I am currently.  The most impactful, positive influences were my parents.  They were extremely responsive, often referred to as authoritative, and they encouraged self-acceptance, self-confidence, while also providing a clearly defined set of rules and expectations.  I was permitted to express my opinions and feelings and was met with understanding, redirection (when needed) and compassion. By far the most negative influence during my adolescence would have been the role of media. At that time, media consisted mostly of television and movies, but they had a profound impact. Hip hop culture was in its infancy, and there were movies about the “guys from the streets,” and how they were living, which was in direct contrast to the life I had with two middle-class working parents. I wanted that life, and my friends and I attempted to mimic much of what we saw in terms of the culture, clothing and attitude. That ultimately led to some rather interesting and combative conversations with my parents; however, I do not regret having experienced it. It allowed me to fully understand that attempting to have someone else’s life is the biggest waste of time I can do with my own life.

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