Two positive outcomes from visual electronic media use in childhood would include:  (1)  Granting children the opportunity to become computer literate is an important educational goal and should be encouraged and can lead to improved grade point averages for children who learned to properly utilize the internet; and (2)  Electronic games, whether played on computers or other media platforms, can develop the skills in children that the game uses.

Two negative outcomes from visual electronic media use in childhood include the following: (1) When viewing of television by children around age 3 is increased, the more likely those children are to have difficulty in regulating attention upon reaching age 7; and (2) Research also found that the more violent the content of programming being viewed, the more serious attention difficulties appeared to be later.

Suggestions for parents and screen use for children would include the following: (1) Children under 2 should not be exposed to screen learning and usage; (2) Children preschool age should have limited media time of no more than 1-2  hours daily; and (3) Children over the age of 6 or 7 should have the content of the images viewed by children controlled by the parents.

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