BP 12

Regarding the Mindfulness video and exercise, it was rather enlightening to learn the importance of taking ten minutes per day to just allow the mind to relax and regroup.  What I found most helpful was the explanation of how meditation is believed to clear the mind and take everything away; however, when utilized correctly, it allows us the opportunity to step back from thoughts and emotions long enough to see them more clearly.  In addition, striking a delicate balance of focused relaxation allows thoughts to come and go.


I attempted to utilize the exercise and must admit that I experienced much of what the trainer stated was to be expected.  It was rather difficult to sit and attempt to do nothing and allow myself to just relax, as I am a person who is constantly thinking and re-evaluating things.  After some intense moments, my mind did focus, but it was on the upcoming final exam, and I found myself feeling anxious.  What was taken away from this exercise is the understanding that with any new tool, practice truly makes perfect.  I believe that it will be beneficial to learn to totally relax and see things in a much more clearly defined fashion, and it is something I will continue to work on in an effort to improve this technique and improve my overall well-being!

After completing the course on Human Behavior and the Social Environment, my two most important factors learned or taken from this course are as follows: (1) I am much more fascinated by human behavior and development than I ever thought previously, and am seriously considering changing my area of concentration from Administrative and Community Practice to Direct Practice; and (2) The information presented and learned is so vital and needed for so many people on a variety of levels that I would like to continue my educational pursuits and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to teach this information.  This was a difficult course with the vast amount of information presented; however, I found to be quite enlightening and beneficial!

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